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You are able to watch 1,000,000 movies online free HD but, it is important to select the best one so that you can access all the films. Some most famous platforms like, and many more which contain more than a million films in HD and all are iconic best collection that assures you to never feel bored at any single second in the complete movie. The most important thing is you don’t to create an account or need to access premium account to enjoy those films. However Premium Account contains some additional features which will be worth for what you paid for like download your favorite movies, no ads in between the film, check history and many more.

So, whenever you are feeling bored or having bad mood or want to enjoy your time then, just logon to the site and start to watch everything for free. There are several top collections in each genre like –

The Foreigner – Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan

It is the drama mystery movie including fighting and incredible action. Directed by Martin Campbell and released on 13 October 2017, it received positive response from the audiences and got 7 out 10 rating. The story plot around the life of Quan (Jackie Chan) who is a London businessman and only had his beloved teenage daughter but, dies in a senseless act of politically motivated terrorism. He conflicts to the British government to find out the clues and to reach to the elusive killers. It is based on the novel The Chinaman; by Stephen Leather.

Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man Tell No Tales – Johnny Depp

It is the fifth installment of the series as usual main role played by Johnny Depp. It is high fantasy action comedy film released on 26 May 2017. The story plot around the new adventure where Jack Sparrow again fights against the new evil Salazaar who escape from the Devil’s Triangle and the only hope for Jack is to find out and break the legendary Trident of Poseidon in an unique way to close the chapter of Salazaar but, the path to find out trident is mysteriously covered and he needs help of uneasy alliance with sharp mind beautiful astronomer and a strong young man in the British Navy. It got positive response as well as good ratings from the Critics.

Insidious: The Last Key      

It is the fourth installment high mystery thriller film of the Insidious Series, released on January 5 2018 and directed by Adam Robitel in which Lin Shaye played the main role to fight and escape out from the evil’s chamber and to save her client from death. Everything happens in an mysteriously dreadful way and it assures you to have full entertainment with your family.

There are thousands of films which guarantees you to have full fun and change your mood in a new direction on that theme and everything available for free in HD only at

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