We have all become more acquainted with New Orleans, Louisiana in the last few years, some of us have visited the city prior to 2005. Perhaps, you went to visit during Marti Gras or visited during a convention. But have you really enjoyed its sights, sounds and history? Have you ever gotten to know the City of New Orleans on a personal basis?Have you visited its museums, been part of its culture, have you looked through one of those picture books lately? If not, well, I’d certainly like to turn you on to one of the best books that any tourist could ever hope to own;

“New Orleans; a Photographic Journey” by Suzi Forbes; Crescent Books, New York 1991.This is by far the neatest photographic picture book of New Orleans that I have ever seen, and it was produced well before the 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season that produced Hurricane Katrina, which caused the levee on Lake Ponchatrain to fail and flood the city into ruin. The first 10-pages of the book tells the complete story of how New Orleans came to be in the first place. The entire story of how the French built the city and how the French Quarter became legend.

The influence of Spain was also quite interesting, actually the entire history and the Spanish, French and United States influences have made a fascinating blend of culture, architecture and sights. You will not believe the pictures in this book. Perhaps, it’s why this book is one of the pictorial books in the series called; “A Photographic Journey” and it definitely is one of the best too.

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