Move Over Harry – Artemis Fowl is Here

At the time when the Wizard in training (Harry Potter) changed the publishing landscape of the world, publishers have quickly begun to compete with each other to discover the next Harry Potter. Hyperion and Talk Miramax Books have found him in – hold your breath – Artemis Fowl.Die Hard with FairiesThe author Eoin Colfer himself describes the series as the Die Hard with Fairies, in which the 12 year old protagonist considers himself as a criminal mastermind who fights LEP-recons. The columnists the world over have also reacted enthusiastically, asking Harry Potter to ‘move over’. In an auction at eBay, an advance copy of the book was sold for $46.

Everyone Wants the RightsThe book itself was auctioned to Penguin Puffin U.K. by the agents Sophie Flicks. Later the book was sold to Miramax Films as well as to the Talk Miramax books. The bidding for the foreign rights soon converted into a war, with everyone trying to get the rights to the book. The Talk Miramax Books people say the publishing grapevine about the book was extremely positive, and then they heard their film side was also interested in it, and thus started their joint effort to get the rights.Editors Stunned By the Imagination of ColferThe Editor In Chief of the Talk Miramax Books said he was stunned by the unrivalled imagination of the author. Although they have not disclosed the exact sum paid, it is said to be a nice six figure sum. The Oscar nominated director Sheridan is working on the first movie version in collaboration with Eoin Colfer, and the project size is going to be multi-million- Euro one. The movie versions of other children’s books have been awaited eagerly in the recent past though the ownership rights have often been disputed.Movie Project Is Moving AheadThe author Eoin Colfer, however, said the movie project is moving ahead nicely and that he is working closely with the director though he cannot reveal more about the project. It has not been decided whether the project will be shot with animated characters of real actors. The director Sheridan himself is more in favor of live action, since he is in love with the protagonist Artemis Fowl and the stories. The director Sheridan and the author himself want the movie to be shot in Ireland though the decision may be changed keeping cost and location constraints in the mind. The production company executives believe there will be high level of computer imagery required so the final decision on where to shoot the project cannot be rushed still.

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