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You will find tons of information online about cannabidiol oil, which is popularly known as CBD oil. This is obvious as during last few years we have seen many changes in laws on marijuana related products and as a result the popularity of CBD has skyrocketed.

In this article, we are going to share few more information, which many of you may already be aware of and many may not. So, let us talk about CBD and also CBD oil together, so that you can get a better idea why CBD has become so popular.

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CBD oil

Certainly you must have read a lot about cannabidiol oil and also known that there are 2 main cannabis plants that are:

  • Hemp
  • Marijuana

Researchers have found out that there are 113 different compounds available from these plants and CBD is just one of them. Another prominent compound is THC, which has psychoactive property that CBD does not possess.

What will really make clear about the difference between marijuana and hemp is the concentration level of THC and CBD in each of these plants. THC is present at very high level in marijuana and CBD levels may vary from one plant to another plant. Due to this reason, marijuana still remains federally illegal.

Hemp, on the contrary has very low level of THC, which is not more than 0.3%, but CBD level is very high. Research on CBD is still undergoing and we are yet to know complete details about CBD till now.

CBD oil is the most popular product of CBD because it is very simple to produce them. CBD is mixed with certain oil like avocado or coconut oil and there are also few other ingredients present.

Few other popular CBD products

Besides CBD oil, there are few other products related to CBD are quite popular in the market. Some of the important one is as follows:

  1. Capsules and tablets

Most people like to pop up pills and CBD soft-gel capsules are almost like pill. They are made by using liquid CBD extract, so that it can be quickly digested. Generally, most CBD tablets are sublingual. You need to place them under the tongue and then allow it to dissolve, by utilizing same thin skin like CBD oils.

  1. Edibles

Often many people are concerned about hemp flavor on CBD, for them CBD edibles will be the right choice. CBD now has been made as a food or drink. These products are very popular because they will not only taste good but also easy to take. Only downside is you need to wait for it to digest.

  1. Topicals

Many of you may not prefer to put CBD on your mouth. There are CBD topicals available for you that can be applied on your skin. Usually, they are in the form of salve, cream, lotion or hand sanitizer. They will not pass through your bloodstream.

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