Some Questions about NAPLAN tests answered

NAPLAN is an annual test that basically tests your child’s understanding of English Language and mathematical abilities of your child. Furthermore, these tests are known to test your child’s concepts, which is why these tests can be a bit hard for your children and students.

Some Questions about NAPLAN tests answered

Here are some answers to some of the questions regarding NAPLAN:

  • What is NAPLAN?
    NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). It is held once every year. This test comprises of testing of the English Language and mathematical problems only. These tests are held for grades 3, 5, 7 and 9.
  • What does the NAPLAN test comprise of?
    Basically, the test has four main components comprising of tests for English and numeracy. The test is divided into the following section:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • English Conventions

These tests are developed according to the curriculum of the school and are made to test the skills of the students.

  • When will NAPLAN be held in 2018?
    NAPLAN tests are annual tests and usually scheduled during the mornings. For 2018, the NAPLAN is scheduled to be held on three days:

    • Tuesday 15th May
    • Wednesday 16th May
    • Thursday 17th May
  • Why do we have NAPLAN?
    NAPLAN is one of the building blocks in the Australian education system. This test helps the teachers to ascertain the understanding of the students and allows the teachers to understand whether their students’ abilities are up to the mark or not.
    Furthermore, these tests help the teachers understand if there are any flaws in the present education system or not. Additionally, it helps the teachers realize the areas where the education system needs to be changed. NAPLAN is a single day test; it does not change the course of the usual, annual study plan of the schools.
  • Is NAPLAN compulsory?
    NAPLAN tests are not compulsory. However, the participation of the student in these tests is expected. Many parents and carers do withdraw their children from the testing program based on religious beliefs and other philosophical A formal letter, addressed to the principal of the school is to be written stating the reasons and facts for making such a withdrawal.
  • How can you prepare your child for NAPLAN?
    NAPLAN is an annual test and is quite different from the term papers for the schools. Although it is different and a bit difficult, there are ways to prepare your child and students for the exam. Here are some helpful ideas:

    • Encourage your child to be calm and to maintain their balance when they appear for the exam.
    • Try to inculcate regular learning and studying.
    • Furthermore, help your child by providing NAPLAN practice tests year 3, 5, 7 and 9 for your kids.
    • Help them understand the concepts.

The above-mentioned questions are the most common questions about NAPLAN with their answers. Preparing your kids and students for the exams becomes easier when you help your children study regularly.

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