The Main Advantages Of Telehealth

In the first analysis, it may seem necessary a large investment of software and equipment for the adoption of the distance report. However, adapting your clinic to this telehealth is not a complicated process. If the clinic already invests in computerization, it is possible to adapt existing equipment and soon start to enjoy the advantages of telehealth. Here are five main ones:

1. Time optimization

Patient data and test results are available on the web, protected so that only professionals and patients can view them. In this way, the doctor and his / her collaborators can access the content quickly and from any location. The file is instantly received by the telehealth company’s central office.

If these results were sent by mail, the waiting time would be days or even weeks. In addition, reports are available 24 hours a day in the cloud, a type of online sharing that lets you access, save, and edit files remotely. There is a significant improvement in the organization to find files and make the second route of reports. With the web version, it is also possible to search and consult information with much more agility, optimizing the time of health professionals.

2. Increased service capacity

The advantages of telehealth also appear in the increase of the agility of the processes. It is possible that the reports are sent and made available on the web to different teams and professionals. An electronic file, unlike the paper version, can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users.

The deadline for results to be delivered is also lower, as a telehealth company has available full-time support. That is, the entrepreneur who hires a company to issue medical reports online “hires” employees from a distance. In this way, comfort for healthcare professionals increases and the likelihood of medical errors decreases.

3. Greater security

One of the major advantages of telehealth and the distance report is the safety of operations. The generated files can only be accessed by authorized persons, through validation and identification. This is done through a software or site that has login and password in a secure environment, with security certification and content encryption.

The database allows exams and reports to be stored virtually and can be accessed at any time. Physical documents are easily lost or forgotten, but by storing reports in the cloud , the risk of loss or damage to documents is drastically reduced.

4. Lower Costs

To conduct and issue test reports without an online system, a clinic needs investment in infrastructure, logistics, and staffing. However, if the documentation center is located outside the clinic, you can reduce your spending considerably. Practitioners can use tablets, computers, and smartphones to analyze tests, waiving the use of workstations for analysis. It is not necessary to keep a clinical staff available full time. The clinics only pay for the reports issued, according to the patients’ demand and the day’s exams.

In on-the-spot reporting, a large structure is needed to store all the physical reports and not mix the results of each patient, not counting the high costs of printing. With an online system, it is possible to store the files of all patients on a single platform, which can be accessed from different computers. Thus, there is space saving in the office and expenses for printing and storage.

The technological investment is offset by the efficiency and economy of resources that is generated in the medium and long term. A good company specializing in medical records and reports can ensure the smooth operation and safety of the system and ensure all the benefits of telehealth.

5. More rapid treatment

The online reports are made extremely quickly and sent to the patient, who can make an appointment with their specialist. From the diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe an effective treatment for the presented pathology.

If the medical report was delayed, treatment would also be delayed. When the clinical situation is highly complex, the various teams can discuss the results and come to a conclusion quickly. In this way, the online reports are advantageous, since they are issued in a more agile way.

Technology has evolved a lot, and today it is possible to streamline various processes and avoid unnecessary patient movements between various clinics and laboratories with the help of an effective system.

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