Ingenious Elearning Tools to Breakthrough

In general, almost everything on the Internet can be used as a form of e-learning: it includes any website, forums, e-mail service, document exchange system, instant message system, etc. However, special electronic or distance learning systems (DLS) have been developed to compartmentalize and hold training in one place. For example, DLS brings together all the basic tools and opportunities needed to organize an e-learning company.

Management Systems

First of all, LMS (Learning Management Systems) distributes assessment courses. The prepared training content is then preloaded into the system and issued to some listeners and the course can be opened within the DLS (Distance Learning System). Compared to just uploading materials on the Web, this most important feature of the delivery framework gives you the ability to retrieve statistical data from, for example, Janison assessment courses, which allows you to see who exactly is interacting with them.

Automated Testing Systems

The automated testing system is the second most important tool in the DLS. Banks are created with their help test questions, from which each employee can then answer some sample of questions. At the same time, the automatic test system allows you to collect knowledge test results and see all the specifics of an employee being tested. Based on the results obtained, the level of knowledge and quality of educational material and numerous other findings, a conclusion can be drawn.

Forums and Chats

In addition, forums and chats are held within the LMS. They are designed for student communication and multiple independent works. The forum work requires the participation of a trainer or professor, in contrast to the electronic training which can be conducted separately. In other words, he needs to ask and assess the responses. Such training is used less often than in academic activities, but the forum is indeed very helpful to continue developing critical thinking, to learn something fundamentally new and complex. Chat is a way to communicate synchronously. If a participant can publish a reply at a convenient time when working with a forum (within the timeframe specified), then everybody must be online at the same time as chatting. This minimizes this tool’s flexibility.


A webinar or an online seminar is one of the most popular e-learning tools to date. It’s basically a video or audio conference in which a presenter is given and listeners have presented questions which can be asked and both can be communicated by chat and voice. You can also see the presenter if you have a webcam, and you can view all participants in certain Systems. You can train many people in different places in a short time since the Webinar is so convenient. Also, a webinar can can can can always be recorded which people who were not present at the webinar can access themselves and can view it at a later time.

Other Easy Access of e-Learning Tools:

  • FTP Client;
  • calendaring apps
  • Headsets;
  • webcams
  • PDF viewers

Special tools are available for developing electronic courses. They can be included and independently delivered in the scope of delivery of the DLS. Many companies are now creating simple, self-contained electronic courses, complex ones can be made by contractors upon order. All self-development tools are similar to MS PowerPoint, but in addition to the possibilities of slide materials, they also enable you to navigate within the courses and upload the course created automatically to the DLS. Special tools are available for more complex courses (complex animation and interactive fragments) but specialists must have specific knowledge for their use.

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