Make Your SBI PO Interview Experience Remarkable

Having passed the most difficult level – the written examination, now it is the time to prove your talent in Phase II. In the rounds like Written Examination and Group Discussion, you directly compete with others and sometimes struggle to attract the attention of the recruiter. But it is the ‘Personal Interview’ round that creates a platform to showcase your skills. However well you do in other rounds if the interviewer is not happy with your performance, there are high chances you may not be selected. This is the bitter truth. Also, there is huge competition for the limited 1800+ vacancies for the posts of PO. With the best talent of the country topping the merit list, everyone is out to win. But to break through them and reach the top position is possible only with proper planning and preparation. So, let us start by knowing the types of questions asked in the interview:Types of Questions:* Profile based HR questions – E.g.: Tell us about yourself

* Personality Test questions – Interviewers explain a situation and ask the candidate how they would react or approach if he/she is in that situation. Your answers would give an insight into your personality

* Banking Questions – Questions based on banking and latest news

* Current Affairs – Some interviewers focus on the latest happenings in the country and also in the world

* General Questions – These are the filler questions. The interviewers intend to know about you through these questions.

* SBI related questions – new initiatives, rural schemes and new rules become the most important part of this type of questions.

Now with the grip on questions, the next thing you should do is prepare your answers. Here are a few steps to follow to get your ticket to success:- Keep all your educational and other important documents handy. Before attending the interview, the qualified candidates are required to carry a set of documents. The list of the documents to be carried is mentioned in the SBI website. In case, you fail to produce a document or two, you will be still allowed to appear for the interview. But it would obviously leave a negative impact on your profile. Under such circumstances you have to submit a letter stating you would produce those documents later.- Get an idea about the interview pattern to turn your SBI PO interview experience into a memorable one.* Collect the questions

* Prepare your answers

* Practice them in mock interviews

– Be updated in terms of latest news and Indian economics especially the financial sector. Take time to

* Read newspapers

* Watch informational news channels

* Research for important news online and readInterviewers don’t just look for knowledge in a candidate. They even consider your communication skills and soft skills. Keep an eye on your body language and try to keep it in the best form during the interview.

Those who had the SBI PO interview experience shared the following details about the interview. The duration of the interview will be approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The mark-winner is the body language – it is noticeable from the time you enter the interview room. And like it is always said ‘First impression is the best impression’, your answers to first two or three questions would create an impression in the interviewer’s mind.Always remember, the SBI PO interview experience is as stressful to interviewers as it is to you. Just like how you portray your skills to show you’re worth the job, the interviewer also searches answers for ‘Why should I hire him?’ Hence, always carry a confident posture.Your success in this interview would help hundreds of others. Share your SBI PO interview experience with us in the comments below.

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