Taking Online Horticulture Classes Will Encourage Your Green Thumb

Are you a house plant killer with a secret desire to have a garden? Many people think that if they can’t keep an indoor plant alive there’s no point in trying to garden. There is one big advantage to a garden: an automated watering system. You can’t put a house plant on a timer, but you can put a garden on one. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at gardening, but don’t know where to start and have been intimidated by your lack of knowledge, online horticulture courses are available to help.The BeginnerWhen looking for an online class, look for a beginner or hobbyist level course. This will ensure that the information is prepared for those who do not have a background or experience in gardening. The other students will also be beginners which will give you the benefit of learning not only from the teacher but from the questions asked by other students.

You’ll also want to make sure that there is an open forum available where you can post questions and receive answers outside of the class. Because people from all over the country sign up for these classes, and no one has the same schedule, it’s easier for you to post at your leisure and then check back when you have time. It’s also nice to check in and see if you can help out a fellow gardener.

Types of ClassesThere are many different areas of gardening to learn about. You can study up on growing a vegetable garden using heirloom seeds, lawn care, flower selection, garden design, tree house design, and so much more. All it takes is 1-2 hours a week.Once you’ve gone beyond the beginner level courses, you can move on to some of the more specialized classes. Perhaps you want to know where fruits and vegetables came from, how they moved across continents and oceans, and how they helped shape world cultures.Or, maybe you’re more interested in how plants are pollinated and would like to try keeping a hive on your property. Before you order your bees, you can take a class on beekeeping. You don’t have to be a professional gardener in order to keep bees. You just need to have some time and enough space for the bees to gather pollen.

If you’ve recently bought a home and want to redesign the yard, you can take a class in architectural rendering for landscape and garden designers. These classes are a little more in-depth and often require you to download software. But, having the freedom to design your yard and then watch it come together is priceless.Making TimeOne of the biggest benefits of taking on stream course is that you can take the classes when it’s convenient for you. When you sign up for the class, you’re given a log in and a password. You can use these to access the class videos, notes, and enter the online forums. If the only time you have is Thursday afternoon, then that is when you take the class. Online classes make it easy to succeed.

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