Several students decide to do a PhD after the Master 2. I decided to write this article to give some advantages of being a PhD student

PhD: 8 years studies

A doctorate is probably the highest of the university degrees just after the Master 2. To have a PhD, you have to have 8 years of study or more. The admission to the PhD is through a search folder in the knowledge that the student who wishes to become a doctoral student must have a supervisor who supports the project. In other words, it is your research director who validates or not your PhD project before registration.

There are four main types of doctorates: the research doctorate, professional doctorate, doctorate of advanced research and honorary doctorate.

Doing a doctorate: the reason

Many students decide to do online PhD degrees is undoubtedly the passion for research. The curiosity to want to deepen in one or more fields of study invites many students to enroll in a doctorate.

There is also the urge to teach which the second reason is. Thousands of students push for a doctorate due to this reason.

Types of doctoral students

There are three types of PhD students. The salaried doctorate, the fellow and the unfinanced. The salaried doctoral student is normally bound by an employment contract to a public or private institution and receives remuneration in return for the research he is conducting. Most so-called “salaried” PhD students work in the field of science and technology.

The doctoral student has funding to conduct his research. These are often scholarships of charitable organizations or the State. The doctoral student cannot practice a trade or have a contract of employment with the institution that finances his research. Several scholarships are distributed throughout the year to a few lucky ones.

Despite the scholarships and work contract opportunities for a doctoral student, doing a doctorate requires a real passion for the student, because it takes too much time, there is a lot of work and often very little benefit.

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