Importance of Your Agora Platform for Training and Learning

The Your Agora platform aims to measure the educational performance of multimodal training as well as their impact on access to training courses such as ESL lesson plans and career paths as well as to job placement. They will have to be brought closer to a more and more detailed analysis, in real time, of the needs of manpower and skills of our economy.

The platform was originally supposed to share data:

 necessary for everyone to know the inputs and outputs and the realization of the action / training for teaching English as a second language;
 the trainees’ future, including a crossover with the Nominative Social Declaration (DSN);
 On the upstream phases at the training entrance.

The prototype of Your Agora platform was presented in May 2016. The demonstrator was intended to deepen the definition of the functionalities of the data warehouse and to prepare the conditions for its implementation with the ambition of:

 The sharing of inputs, outputs and training interruptions and the pre-display of data already entered on the SI of one of the actors;
 Simplified and expanded search functionality
 Dashboards on the orientation function in training / prescription, and on the implementation of training actions and on the courses and their future. So it is ESL platform or ELL platform.

The solution has the main characteristics of being:

 acceptable for all stakeholders, as it preserves the skills and tools of each;
 adaptable, since each actor retains control over his information system, which he can modify freely, except for the common core input format;
 accessible, since most data from the core curriculum are already collected by the funders;
 Reassuring, budgetary and financial monitoring being secured for the financier in this solution.

Your Agora: A hub platform as a solution

Your Agora prototype is based on an extremely structured and daily information exchange protocol between all the stakeholders, as illustrated below. The collection of information are more effective and the statistical monitoring of “inputs and outputs” all the richer, as this “platform” will rely on existing management information systems and “web services”.

Features of the YOUR AGORA platform

The potentialities and functionalities of such a platform are multiple. A common technological base (interoperability, common language, interfacing work, etc.) is both capable of and necessary for:

 create and share between actors a standard of description on the trainee, the action and the training course,
 improve access to training and support for people before and after training,
 collaborate between actors in order to decompartmentalize the training courses,
 update the list of jobseekers,
 improve and make more reliable the shared knowledge on policies, training programs and statistical data,
 Simplify the management of the various actors and limit the number of seizures.

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