Getting Ready for the First Day Back to School

The first day of kindergarten in Bangkok is generally exciting, full of energy, and a little bit hectic. It can be difficult for students, teachers, and parents to plan ahead for the upcoming first day of school and be prepared, but planning has its benefits. It allows everyone to have a positive attitude, smooth mornings, and ensure that students are ready and willing to learn. These four tips will help ensure that your first day back to school is successful.

Using a Teacher Checklist

Teachers who have a checklist to follow when setting up their classrooms will find that this task is much easier. Rather than trying to remember everything that has to be done, using a checklist ensures that nothing gets missed. Some of the things that teachers need to have on their checklist include:

  • Preparing lesson plans
  • Buying an appointment calendar
  • Getting bulletin boards ready
  • Reading school rules
  • Purchasing classroom supplies
  • Printing out handouts for the first day of school
  • Personal items to keep in the desk

While it’s admirable to try to plan out every minute of the first day back at school, teachers need to understand that students are going to be talkative and that they will want to catch up with their friends. Fighting to keep students on track all day long can be a disaster.

Teachers Should Use Resources

Teachers have no reason to try to prepare their classroom without any help. Using online resources to plan games, set up a great library in the classroom, and choose what apps to use to facilitate learning ensures that they are not reinventing the wheel when it is time to go back to school.

It’s a good idea for teachers to also see what kind of lesson plans and classroom supplies that their school offers. Working with the IT team before trying out new technology will keep the first days of school running smoothly.

Get Prepared Over the Summer

Parents have a responsibility to their children to help them prepare for school during the summer months. Giving their children structure during the day in the form of camps or reading programs will help students who need structure and also make the transition back to school a lot easier. Additionally, students can benefit from getting a job or volunteering, which will help them stay on schedule and report to another person besides their parents.

Structured days are important, but students also need to be emotionally ready to go back to school. Parents should work hard to keep them enthusiastic about learning and listen to any fears that their children have about returning to school.

Get on a Regular Sleep Schedule

Both students and teachers need to make sure that they are on a regular sleep schedule so that the first week of school isn’t a rude awakening. Students need plenty of sleep to be able to perform well in class, but suddenly getting them out of bed early on a school day will not help the morning go smoothly. Adjusting for a few weeks before going back to school helps students and teachers get the sleep that they need and also helps them arrive to school ready for a great day.

Preparing to go back to school isn’t difficult, but it does involve work on the part of all teachers, students, and parents.


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