Manual testing vs automation – Career opportunities for freshers

Testing is the major thing or process in the software. The testing of software detects many problems before the software available for the users. The testing caught many bugs and other things that may harmful to the users like steal details or private data. The testing career is the most reliable and secure for the future. You can learn the testing from selenium workshop in Chennai for either manual testing or automation testing. The manual testing is that check the software quality and security without animation. The animation testing works on the animation effects of software.

Types of Testing in software

Software testing is a huge field that gives more vacancies and opportunities to the person who is interested in software testing. There are two types of testing that are manual testing or automation testing. The testing is the main process of any software development program. The manual testing is done with the automation that tests the bugs & the security of the software. The running performance is also testing by the manual tester. The manual tester should be calm and experienced in their work. Manual testing needs time & dedication from the tester. It is the work of full responsibility.

The Automation testing is essay and more reliable as it is performed by the tools or script. It is quite faster than the manual testing that is work little bit slowly. The company needs to pay for the software tool to take in use. Automation testing is a practical thing that tests cases are run again and again for a long time period. It does not need the human observation and doesn’t sure about the user friendly or positive customer reviews. If you are wanted to learn automation testing then contacts the selenium workshop in Chennai.

Career opportunities for fresher

The IT sector is the biggest hub that is rising day by day in the market. The opportunities in the sector are too much for the fresher who are starting their career in the testing. The testers are needed in every software firm that exists in the market to test and detects the bugs that may create the big problem for users such as steal private data or can harm the system by the attack of any malware. So every firm requires the tester to check the quality and security of the software.

The fresher who wants to starts their career in the testing is a choice. In future, there are so many chances to get successful as the requirement will increase in future. You can take some lessons from selenium web driver training in Chennai that is quite good to teaching the many types testing that you can use to boost up your career. You should continue your course in this sector if you are interested in software testing. A huge requirement for the software tester will be in future as the many software companies are coming in the market every day. So, choose wisely.

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