Tips to choosing a good tutor

Children, teens, and adults sometimes need extracurricular reinforcement to improve performance.

Seek the advice and support of a private teacher to reinforce knowledge and improve performance in areas that give us a problem is always a good choice. However, not all resort to it because, in general, it is unknown how and when to choose the most suitable tutor for JC Economics tuition.

Experts consulted recommend seeking teachers with a certified professional title. In case the reinforcement is given by students of last semesters (which is very common), it should be verified that they have good grades in the areas they handle.

Experience as a teacher, tutor or monitor is fundamental, as are professional and personal references. To a large extent, the success of the tutorship depends on these aspects.

1: Children who attend the first grades usually need the support of these teachers to start their reading and writing processes. “It is important that the tutor is in contact with the school teacher so that the child does not get confused with two learning styles. It also requires good communication between the school and the private teacher to be effective.

Ideally, children under six years receive only one hour of extracurricular class per week; the good connection and relationship with the child, as well as a high level of pedagogical training, are nonnegotiable in the teachers who dictate these classes at home.

2: In the baccalaureate stage, students begin to see advanced Economics. Many times the parents are unaware of the issues and can not provide the necessary help. Between the eighth and ninth grades the number of students seeking academic support in subjects such as algebra, trigonometry and calculus increases.

Daniel Rincon, a private teacher for six years, recommends that these students take between 4 and 8 hours of personalized classes a week. “Those who study between the tenth and eleventh grade -he adds- have the pressure to present the Icfes and the admission tests to the universities; for them tutorials of between 8 and 10 hours a month are suggested “.

Higher education

The university students also resort to extracurricular classes, especially when they arrive from high school without the academic bases necessary to achieve a good performance in their career. For them we recommend tutoring that goes from 12 to 24 hours a month. The search for private tutors occurs even in the highest levels of training (masters and doctorates). “That is normal. There are professionals who want to apply for a master’s degree and need to refresh or strengthen their academic bases “, concludes Rincon.

How to get a private teacher?

Although most teachers use voice to voice to offer their services to students, spaces have been opened on the web to facilitate the rapprochement between the two parties. These are two of them. Both require their tutors certifications, experience and pedagogical skills for Economics tuition Singapore.

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