When It Is Time To Hire A Mathematics Tutor For Your Kid

As a parent, you most certainly want your children to excel in school. However, children are different; some are good at motivating themselves while others need an extra push to catch up or accelerate past their current curriculum. Math is the building block of all other subjects in school so when it comes to giving your child a little help, you should not wait.Signs your child may need help· Slipping grades: If your kid is old enough to begin receiving report cards, you can tell very quickly whether you need to hire a mathematics tutor or not by simply looking at his or her grades. Never fail to look at grades each time you receive a report card. You can tell when grades start to slip, and quickly take action.

· Waning enthusiasm: Your child may also not have the enthusiasm for math, hence you should look out for this as well. Elementary school children love learning about new exciting subjects, especially mathematics. They enjoy learning about money, counting, telling time and other math-related subject. When you see this interest wane, this definitely means something. It could signal that your kid needs help, and that he or she is bored, which is where a tutor can come in handy.· Assessment from teacher: An excellent way to get accurate information on how your child is handling math is to consult with his or her school math teacher. The teacher will be able to advice you whether your child needs extra coaching or not. You can also prove to be helpful to the teacher especially when your child is moving from one grade to another. If he or she used to love math in second grade, and suddenly hates it in the third grade, let the teacher know. A good parent-teacher collaboration will help you determine how best to help your child.

Tips to hire a tutorIt should be clearly to a vigilant parent whether or not he or she needs a tutor for his or her child by the time the child reaches second grade. If your decision is to find a tutor, take the search seriously. In short, look for someone who is well trained, has good reputation, will provide correct assessment of your child, and offer age-appropriate lessons. According to most psychologists, the best tutors are those that work physically together with the child, do not rely heavily on technology, and strive to make learning fun.

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